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Who are we?

BTC is an outdoor seasonal tennis club with four lighted courts in the hamlet of Ballantrae. Our full season is weather-dependent; it starts when the nets go up in the Spring (April/May) and ends when the nets come down in the Fall (Sept/Oct). 


BTC has approximately 300 members of all skill levels and ages. When you're a member of BTC, you have priority on court club time and access to weekly round robins, club tournaments, and other special events.

Our club is run by a fantastic group of volunteers. If you're interested in volunteering, speak to one of our Directors or contact Marna, Any help will be greatly appreciated!

BTC Board of Directors:

Executive Directors

President:                          Glen Fisher

Past President:                 Marna Moldon

1st Vice President:           Glenn Dunford

2nd Vice President:          Kevin Jia 

Secretary:                         Susana Aguila

Treasurer:                         Geri Flotron

Equipment:                        Lowell Dennis

Women's Activities:          Cyntia Vieira
Men’s Activities:                Mohammad Yousuf
Membership:                     Lee Wilson

Tournaments:                   Julia Liakos

Ballantrae Tennis Club is a member of the Ontario Tennis Association.

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