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Singles Ladder

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What is the singles ladder?

The singles ladder is a challenge system where you can showcase your skills, engage in friendly matches, and climb the ladder of success! As you play your ladder matches, your relative position changes, and the result is a ranking of players according to skill level.


The singles ladder is open to all BTC adult members in good standing.

When does it start?
  • Session 1: May 20 to June 25

  • Session 2: July 1 to July 31

How do I join?
  1. Click the link at the top of this page. On the mobile site, you can click Singles Ladder on the home page. 

  2. In the list, click BTC LADDER.

  3. Click JOIN.

  4. Enter your information and click SUBMIT REQUEST. 

  5. Your request will be reviewed and you will receive an email message with your login information. 

  6. After joining, you will be able to access the ladder by clicking the LOGIN button.

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  • Matches are 1 set only.

  • Players must win at least 9 games to win a set. 

  • A set must be won by at least 2 games. 

  • Tiebreaks are not allowed!

  • Players are awarded points based on this scale:

    • Players earn 1 point for playing a match.

    • Winner earns 8 points.

    • Winning in straight games earns 2 additional points.

    • Winning over a higher-ranked player earns 2 additional points.

    • Winner by forfeit earns 8 points.

    • Winning where opponent retires earns 8 points.

    • Losing a match but winning at least one game earns 3 points.

  • After the match completes, the winner submits the match score.

If you have any questions, please contact Muhammad Yousuf,

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